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Treasure Your Friends who Pick Your Nose. [Will Grayson, Will Grayson, Green and Levithan]

I am a fan of John Green. I have all his three novels in my Favorites Shelf, and I am exercising the best of my EQ while I wait for my reserved copy of his newest novel, The Fault in … Continue reading

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A Curious Incident of the Dog [and Tin’s] in the Night-time [and Some Other Times], Mark Haddon

I was a teenager driven by angst and swimming in the gallant idea of love when I first read Haddon’s Whitebread Award Winner. I vaguely remember liking it back in high school, and as I started hoarding again, I wanted … Continue reading

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Arm Yourself with Books for The Zombie Apocalypse

Hello, 2012! I have long been waiting for you!¬†And, well, hello readers. *fidget, fidget* I hope that you are still with me. Roughly ten months since I started The BiblioPile, 40 books read, N number more bought, two hiatus status, … Continue reading

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