Treasure Your Friends who Pick Your Nose. [Will Grayson, Will Grayson, Green and Levithan]

I am a fan of John Green. I have all his three novels in my Favorites Shelf, and I am exercising the best of my EQ while I wait for my reserved copy of his newest novel, The Fault in Our Stars(!!!). I have always liked the way John Green treads lightly and oftentimes darkly on the dangerous, humanity-eating-path of being young, in love, and growing up. [And because I am a lazy blogger, as of this post, I have read TFiOS twice and I am starting the blog on it. Just you wait.]

David Levithan is yet to fill my shelves. I only have his Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist, which I loved, but I have a list of his books I have been meaning to buy/have such as his A Lover’s Dictionary.

From the minds of these two much-loved Young Adult writers come their brain child, Will Grayson, Will Grayson, which, according to the blurb [and because I am always lazy to think of an appropriate summary] is about how:

Will Grayson meets Will Grayson. One cold night, in a most unlikely corner of Chicago, two strangers are about to cross paths. From that moment on, their world will collide and lives intertwine.

Did you prepare yourself for a butterflies-inducing romance between the two Will Graysons? I spent a good five minutes of my life thinking of what is the full name of the female Will Grayson. Was she named Wilhelmina, like my cousin? Or was her real name Willany? Wilhelma? I know I was being sexist and stereotypical, jumping to picturing a heterosexual couple immediately after reading the blurb.

And then, I proceeded to reading until the second chapter, and I was still convinced that the second Will Grayson, whatever her first name was, was the female Will Grayson. Up until the fourth chapter and a friend accidentally confirmed my thoughts, had I come to terms that the two Will Graysons were both biologically males, and one of them, to my delight, was gay. And, no, they were not to fall in love with each other, although I was rooting for them up until the seventh chapter I guess.

I could have disliked these two authors for misleading me through in the book blurb. They led me to believe that two characters, with the same name (!!!) were bound to have their world collide, their lives intertwined, and of course, fall in love with each other. I could have, if only the story of these two Will Grayson was adorable and heart-fluttering, just like any Young Adult romance should be.

There was a throng of lovable characters. I was set to like Will Grayson Number One, the brooding, quiet type who likes lurking around people, keeping his thoughts to himself and opening his mouth only during the most pressing times. There was Will Grayson Number Two who was the emo(tional), woe-is-me, i-hate-you-world gay who had problems “coming out” to his mom and friends and also coming to terms with his sexuality. He came across as a bit too whiny to me, although Tricia thought he was more adorable than Will Grayson One.

And then there was Tiny Cooper who was not tiny at all. Oh, I loved this gay dude. He was the epitome of my gay friends from college who I love and with whom I have usual spat/bitch fest at twitter. He was witty and snuggly that, as much as I loved Will Grayson Number One, Tiny would be my Turn-to-Keychain-So-I-Can-Lug-Around-With-You-Alwayz Character [also because my feelings for Will Grayson Number One was a little too dreamy]. Tiny was insightful:

“I would never come on to you, because you’re not gay. And, like, boys who like girls who are inherently unhot. Why would you like someone who can’t like you back?”

To which, My Love Will Grayson Number One had a witty, and more gut-wrenching [okay, that was exaggerated] reply:

The question is rhetorical, but if I wasn’t trying to shut up, I’d answer it: You like someone who can’t like you back because unrequited love can be survived in a way once-requited love cannot.

I could whine and rant about how true Will Grayson Number One’s statement was, but my maturity and my emotional stability, thankfully, would not allow me to.  But yeah, I hear you. Will Grayson Number One was being a little too truthful, which brings me to Will Grayson Number Two’s definition of love:

me: you know what sucks about love?
o.w.g.: what?
me: that it’s so tied to truth.

To add to these three characters was Tiny’s musical, that amazingly encompassed the two Will Grayson’s growing up problems: Will Grayson Number One’s rules, and his, surprisingly, world-revolves-around-me issues, and Will Grayson Number Two’s trust issues and his annoying inferiority complex. [I have my biases, you know.]

Everything was made up after some thinking time and good conversations, and a good deal of feelingsy as Tiny said, but it all boiled to friendship. As Will Grayson Number One’s Dad had said [and to those circulating the quote with Source Unknown at the end]:

Will, you can pick your friends, and you can pick your nose, but you can’t pick your friend’s nose.

But you see, Will (Number One) picked Tiny’s nose, albeit under an almost life and death situation, but he proved his Dad wrong. For a friend, you would do anything, pick a friend’s nose, write a play about him, gather all the Will Graysons, drive all the way to another state in the wee hours of the morning, etc.

“NO. No no no. I don’t want to screw you. I just love you. When did who you want to screw become the whole game? Since when is the person you want to screw the only person you get to love? It’s so stupid, Tiny! I mean, Jesus, who even gives a fuck about sex?! People act like it’s the most important thing humans do, but come on. How can our sentient fucking lives revolve around what slugs can do. I mean, who you want to screw and whether you screw them? Those are important questions, I guess. But they’re not that important? Who would you die for? Who do you wake up at five forty-five in the morning for even though you don’t know why he needs you? Whose drunken nose would you pick?!”

Will Grayson, Will Grayson is one of my well-liked feel good novels, a break from the cruel world outside. It is a lighthearted novel that will make you appreciate the little things around you, especially your equally drunk, broke, lost friends.

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