The Blogger

The blogger’s first book was a Barbie bookpisode (a term she coined for books narrating an episode of a show in well, a book). Her first memory of books was feeling giddy and envious of Barbie’s “neon green and pink rubber shoes with stars and striped knee-high socks.” Little did she know that she had just learned the wonder of “show don’t tell,” a tool that is as crucial as a pen in the degree she pursued.

She had her Communication Arts degree in a university in the south of Luzon, where awesome people thrive and live harmoniously with nature. Even after college, she still hasn’t figured out what her school mascot is and also, she still has not taken a picture with ze famous Oblation for fear of delaying her graduation, which never happened anyway. HAHA. Also, she is part of an organization, PANTAS, Pandayan ng Talino at Sining where amazing people meet once a week to stimulate their minds with bad and good literature.

She lurks in the too many corners of the internet under the same username in twitter, tumblr, and blogspot.

Why Tin Tearjerky?

The username is inspired by one of the songs by probably the greatest and most phenomenal bands in ze Pinas, The Eraserheads. Not that the song was written for her, though she wishes it was, but she just feels that well, she’s a tearjerky. No, that word is not in the dictionary, but you get it, right? Also, the song is awesome. Try to listen to it, it’s Julie Tearjerky.

The BiblioPile

Book buying is a vicious vice the blogger cannot and will not put to stop. Just as much as there is no book rehab anywhere in the world, the blogger will get as much books as her grubby, big hands can and let them accumulate and obviously, pile in the nook that is her bedroom.

The blogger buys her own books before with her meager allowance and now, with her not so meager salary in a job that includes a corner space, a bulky computer, and words in the heart of ze MNL. When the gods see a job well done though, she receives books from kind hearted mortals who take pity on her depleting resources.

The blog is well, about books, post-its, and colored pens that breathe life to her humanoid self. She reads fiction, mostly novels, and adores Young Adult and Mythology fiction. Here, she will try to put into practice what she had been told to do in all her English classes, sans the annoying divisions like Characters, Plot, Setting, but will still include the Favorite Part then a string of gushes.


2 Responses to About

  1. Jay says:

    Your vicious vice pays off. How I wish there is really a book rehab somewhere. Aside from Tumbler and Blogspot, do you have a Goodreads account?

  2. tintearjerky says:

    Thanks! Heh. I don’t. I’m quite lazy in organizing my book list. O_o

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